Wednesday, April 28, 2010

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Monday, April 05, 2010

we are busy people

since my last post we have spent a week in florida with my parents, had lots of people over to our house, planted a little garden, bought a new tv, done lots of cleaning & yard work, had a broken water pipe, got the stomach flu again (yes, I know it's not really the flu), watched lots of basketball, and celebrated friends' birthdays & new jobs, wedding anniversaries (ours & my inlaws), and Easter.

I will do my best to highlight all of these events as quickly as possible.

An entire post on florida will be created once I get all the pictures transferred to my computer.

I do not have any pictures of our broken water pipe. are you disappointed? fortunately there really wasn't anything worthy of which to take a picture. it turned out to be a busted frozen pipe leading out to our outside spigot. it wasn't covered by our home warranty, but we were glad it was an easy fix and there was no damage to the house.

There are also no pictures from my second round of the stomach virus. I know you're not disappointed this time. just like a couple months ago, it was mostly a 24 hour situation. I had wanted to lose a couple pounds right before our florida trip, but this was not how I had planned to do so.

here is our little garden. the contents consist of tomatoes, parsley, cilantro, and several kinds of peppers.

as far as yardwork, bobby has been planting more grass and I've purchased some flowers, but haven't planted them yet. we are also working on ripping out all the shrubs in front of our house. the ones that are here are way too big and ugly. today I worked on the side of our house. there were a bunch of bricks that at one time made a nice flower bed, I believe, but it looked awful. so I pulled them all out, along with the leaves and weeds, and leveled the ground. bobby planted some grass seed and I will put a big pot of flowers in the front soon. look better?



Friday I checked our bank account and saw that our federal tax money had been deposited, so we ran to Sam's and bought a new tv. This wasn't a complete impulse buy. we have wanted one ever since we moved here and we decided to wait til we got that big refund. in the meantime, I had done tons of research. We walked into the store and one hour later left with a much better tv than we had planned on buying for a couple hundred dollars less than we planned on paying. and we love it! (no, we did not steal it.) Here's a picture of our old set-up next to the new one. Can you say "upgrade?"

This weekend was a very momentous one - not just because of the broken water pipe or the new tv, but we celebrated Bobby's parent's 34th wedding anniversary and the death & resurrection of Jesus. We began Friday with an AWESOME hymn sing / good friday service coordinated by Doug Serven, the RUF campus pastor at OU. and then Sunday, we had a nice service at church (singing Joy to the World!) followed by dinner at our house. my sister in law, mindy, & her husband were also here.

bobby and I in our Easter outfits. I planned mine for weeks, and when he threw on a navy suit that did not match my black outfit, I was not pleased.

but I got over it quickly and grabbed paisley because she matched me. :)

another funny story about these pictures - I had washed my hair the night before and sunday morning, I wanted to do something a little more special so I put it in hot rollers, then curled pieces all over. this picture was taken 15 minutes later. do you see all the lovely curls?!?!?!?! ugh.

happy anniversary to these two:

bobby and caleb playing wii baseball:

ok, I've got to go now, the men's ncaa basketball championship game is about to start! I have been a duke fan since elementary school, and they are in the finals. this past saturday night, they played *and defeated* west virginia. I was a bit torn, since we just spent the past two years there while bobby got his MA, as you can see in this picture:

but duke won and now I am so excited to be cheering them on tonight! go BLUE DEVILS!!!