Thursday, July 31, 2008

Just Pre-Ordered

The ESV Study Bible. It looks like a good one, plus several of my seminary professors were contributors to it. Of course, the 35% discount didn't hurt either. Now we just need to wait until October to get it!


This is my 430th post in nearly four years. As of now, I'm in the throws of one of the busiest summers ever. I've compiled a list of books for the thesis I'm going to write and finish by November. In the past 8 days, I've finished two summer classes, taken two of my written ordination exams, took 9 teens and my wife to Bethany Beach, De; and prepared the order of service and sermon for this Sunday.

I wonder if it's time to give up school and have one 40-60 hour a week job instead of several.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Kudos Norman, OK!

As a former resident of Norman, I commend this article with the highest regard.
#6 Best Small Cities to Live. Norman, OK
In the fall, OUs football stadium is Norman's defacto town center.
Top 100 rank: 6
Population: 102,800
Compare Norman to Top 10 Best Places
Sit down for lunch at Café Plaid in Norman and you'll see a little of everything: mothers with babies, students with laptops, and out-of-towners visiting the University of Oklahoma across the street. People flock to Norman from around the world to study and teach - and then to stay and raise a family.

The university not only helps draw educated workers here but also serves as a major source of entertainment. When the OU Sooners play football against longtime rival, the University of Texas, Norman schools are almost always closed on Friday (you read that right) and the town packs the stadium.

If you don't love all things gridiron, console yourself with the campus' world-class art museum, which houses works by Degas, Monet and Renoir. Affordability is another plus: Starter homes go for about $135,000. While Norman hasn't had huge run-ups in housing prices, the city has also been spared the devastating downside.


Friday, July 04, 2008

Global Warming Got To Us Today

It was the coldest 4th of July in my life - 69 degrees in SW PA. I noticed that Oklahoma was in the low 90s, too. Normally, it's triple digits. While I support smart conservation, reducing waste, taking care of creation, etc; I think we need to stop taking ourselves so seriously when it comes to our power to alter the climate. Don't forget in the 1970s, they were talking about global cooling and the coming ice age.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Other than with Jen

I think I'd like to spend the 4th of July at a picnic with Andy Griffith. It'd be fun to sit at a picnic table, talk with him, listen to some homespun country wisdom, and have him belt out some old gospel songs. Maybe we could talk about the myth of Mayberry or Matlock's court record. It's be great as long as there was some watermelon and homemade ice cream.

What prompted this thought was seeing him in the new Brad Paisley video, Waitin' On a Woman.
You can watch it here....

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