Friday, December 14, 2007

Our trip down south

You wore that?

We had the privilege to go to a family wedding in Atlanta last weekend, it was a great time. This was my first real trip to HOTlanta; I've been through the airport a couple times, including my layover to South Africa a couple years ago, but this was the first time I got to actually do stuff there. We drove all day Thursday, then Friday a few of us went to Coca Cola and CNN, did the whole tour and everything, they were pretty interesting (even though I hate Coke). Friday night was the "rehearsal dinner." That is in quotes because there wasn't actually a rehearsal, just dinner. And the dress was casual, but once you see the picture, you're notice that this isn't our typical casual (especially now that we live on a farm!) But it was fun to dress up and pretend we're trendy and chic. Saturday us girls went shopping at Highlands and Atlantic Station, which were great. I couldn't believe I wasn't wearing a coat all day on December 8th! Then Saturday night was the wedding, which was black-tie optional. Bobby wore a black tie, but not the full tux. Seems like we hit it right on the nose... Everyone over 40 wore tuxes and everyone in their 30's wore suits. I think we all looked pretty snazzy.

Reunited and it feels so good

Sunday there was a brunch, also sort of dressy, and then it was good-bye Atlanta and hello Aiken! We got to go see the Spencers and spend a few hours with them, it was so great. Something funny happened on the way to their apartment, we got caught in the Aiken Christmas parade! I guess you had to be there, but it was hilarious to me, because I wasn't expecting any traffic, thinking it wasn't a huge town, so we were shocked when it took nearly 30 minutes just to get through downtown. But anyway, we finally got there and had a wonderful time. Eva entertained us the entire time, we were so amazed at how much she has come out of her shell since St Louis. The funniest part was when we were showing them pictures on our laptop and we pulled up pictures of Bobby's (dead) deer and Eva got so happy & excited, she was laughing hysterically... so cute and naive.

Armpit of North Carolina

We made the rest of our drive home on Monday after spending two hours in a store called JR in Statesville, NC. Apparently the locals think this place is a dump, but us northeners thought it was awesome! Ok, not awesome, there was a lot of junk there, but it definately was a neat little place to stop. Now we're back in PA and trying to dry out from all the rain that we've been having lately. But more snow may be on the way tomorrow!!!