Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Garden Chronicles - week 3?

Yes, I've lost track of time already... oh well, I think the garden has been in existence for 3 weeks, so we'll go with that.

Everything is growing really well, I'm very pleased (and just a little bit amazed). All the vegetables are thriving, especially the onions - look how much they have popped through! And the zucchini plants are huge! So far we've only seen a couple flower blooms, maybe when we get back from the beach in a couple weeks we'll have a couple fruits or vegetables.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Life for us - inside and out

First, a couple inside shots. Brooks got the hook-up when we moved (yes, we know he's not the only one), he finally got to use his new, humongous tank that was stored in our basement for a couple years. And his amazingly quiet new filter which we love very much!

One day I couldn't find Bunny for over 3 hours, and then I was walking up the stairs from the living room up to the bedroom (for the millionth time) and there she was.... (we have since blocked off that spot, it made me too nervous to have her sitting there with a 6 foot drop beneath her.)

Here is a lovely view of the pond from our garden.

The other day I was sitting on our front porch and I saw this - a deer, eating off of a tree, most likely on her way over to the pond for a drink.

Then later I got this picture... this doe is really brave, she came over to eat some corn which is in that bin by the water. So beautiful!

And finally a picture of our front- (which is actually the back) porch. Taking that sign down from our front door at Atherton was supposed to be a momentous occassion; I had to keep holding off our helpers from taking it down, because I wanted it to be the last thing taken down & packed away, and get a photo of it... but apparently "someone" forgot to tell Bobby about this plan and he took it down when I wasn't looking. oh well. It looks good in its new location.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A couple pictures from moving day

What a lovely backdrop, I know... our last photo at Atherton with Erik & Joy and Currie (we missed ya, Abby!)

Me and Bobby with Ben, Anna & Ella. We're so glad they came over to tell us goodbye that morning!!

Last stop in St Louis before hitting the road - QT - for one of my favorite treats in life, a frozen cappuccino. They're almost as good as Bread Co (aka Panera) or Starbucks, but at only a tiny fraction of the cost. Just another thing I'm going to miss about living in the Lou.

We are gardening now!

So you might wonder, why would two people who don't eat vegetables want a vegetable garden? Because we live in the country now and that's what country folk do, isn't it?!? And, most of you know how much Bobby loves salsa, so we mostly have the ingredients for that - tomatoes, peppers, onions, and cilantro. We also decided to throw in some carrots & lettuce (the two vegetables that I actually like), and squash, canteloupe, watermelon, cucumber, and zucchini.

Here were are, hard at work:

All fenced in, protected from hungry critters.