Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Where will we be??

I am happy to say the grad school applications have been sent and now all we have left to do is wait! It's an odd place to be in life - not knowing where we'll be in six months, but it's still exciting to at least consider the possibilities. Our opportunities are all different and we have a 50% chance to actually live near family, either my own, or my wife's, which is a good thing.

So, where could we be? I applied to do graduate work in history at five public universities. I originally wanted to go to Baylor and study at the J.M. Dawson Institute of Church-State Studies, but circumstances made it apparent that it would be wise to pursue other places.

Hopefully, we will end up in one of these places:
Fatetteville, Arkansas at the University of Arkansas History Department
Norman, Oklahoma at the University of Oklahoma History Department
Lexington, Kentucky at the University of Kentucky History Department
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at the University of Pittsburgh History Department
(near) Morgantown, West Virginia at West Virginia University History Department

Now, we will wait and see...

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

My recent long absence

I haven't really blogged much lately and for a good reason. A short while before Christmas we found out that Jen was pregnant. Shortly after Christmas, we found out she would soon miscarry the child. That happened on January 11 and since then we have been surrounded by many loving friends who have shown us the importance of being in community with God's people.

A lot goes through one's mind during tough spots in life and something that really helped me out was to hear someone tell me that God loves my child more than I ever could. That has been a great comfort to both myself and Jen, who happens to have a similar post on our current season of life.


Sunday, January 21, 2007


The Patriots and Tom Brady lose a playoff game.

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