Tuesday, October 31, 2006

How did it come this?

From the official website of the new "christian" movie, Facing the Giants.

From the award-winning producers of FLYWHEEL comes a new, action-packed, family-friendly drama about a high school football coach who draws up a new game plan for his team … and himself.

In his six years of coaching, Grant Taylor has never had a winning season. Even the hope of a new season is squelched when the best player on his Shiloh Eagles decides to transfer schools. After losing their first three games of the season, the coach discovers a group of fathers are plotting to have him fired. Combined with pressures at home, Coach Taylor has lost hope in his battle against fear and failure.

However, an unexpected challenge helps him find a purpose bigger than just victories. Daring to trust God to do the impossible, Coach Taylor and the Eagles discover how faith plays out on the field … and off.

With God, all things are possible …

So is this the point of the Christian faith? To win football games? Why do Evangelicals think that Christianity will be more attractive if we make it into something that's "all about me"?
Think about it. The overarching point of this story is, "trust God and everything will be great, you'll even win football games!"
That's a far cry from the Christianity I read of in the Bible.
It's also a far cry from the excellence we should expect when Christians enter the arts. (Hello, Tolkein, Lewis!?"

Do people honestly consider this to be an effective "tool" for evangelism?

Monday, October 30, 2006

Go here....

A great weekend

Jen & I went to the OU-Mizzou game in Columbia. We had a great time.
A few comments:
The stadium is small, but there aren't any bad seats. That was a great plus since our seats were wayyyy up there.
The Mizzou fans were awful. They were giving OU fans the "finger", taunting kids who were OU fans, and after the game we got stuck behind a car with Mizzou fans who were yelling at every OU fan and swearing at them and screaming about how OU sucks. (funny, since OU easily beat them. It's a good thing that I am friends with some decent Mizzou alumns, or else I may have a worse impression)
OU's defense was impressive.
OU's running game was impressive.
The weather was perfect.
The drive home was beautiful.


Monday, October 23, 2006

Good Stuff

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Reason 2294852948429 The Terrorists Hate Us

Note: I did not eat this in one setting.
Note 2: I ordered the 6oz patty in leau of the 10oz patty.
Note 3: This is one of the greatest burgers ever.


Pose Like It's 1977


Monday, October 16, 2006

Step it up

When searching for an undergraduate program, colleges and universities clamor for your attention and kiss your butt to get you to apply. When searching for a graduate program, it's a new ballgame. Now it's like, "I want to study, X, Y, ZZ, & AA" and the reply is, "That's nice. Before you decide to apply, talk to Dr. X, Y, and B. Oh, and you may think of these places: University of P, R University, and H College, too. It was nice chatting with you. Good luck."


Saturday, October 07, 2006

Yak, yak, yak, yak...hear the shrill sounds

Sean Hannity is unbearable.

I haven't listened to him in a really long time and happened to be in my truck when he was on. I turned him on for about 2 minutes, then changes the station. I think he's got a case of angry conservative syndrom. The man doesn't sound happy!
At least Limbaugh is somewhat funny and entertaining for a political mouthpiece.
Though, I am not an idealogical Kool-Aid drinker, I love talk radio, but I think I'll be listening to a music station when I'm in the car and Hannity is on.

BTW, I am not trying to make this into a political blog at all. This post does not count as political. I am commenting on the radio program and delivery itself. Don't read into my comments!


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